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Everyone, no matter their age or level of fitness can enjoy La Nova Active’s fitness and fun events!

Our commitment is to run the best three and seven day fitness events and holidays in the UK and Europe you have ever experienced. We believe that no one can motivate you into activity. Our expertise lies in creating environments and situations where you motivate yourself. We know that’s how lasting change comes about. To create these environments, we invest in the best presenters and leaders whose job it is share their knowledge and passion with you in fun filled and action packed classes.

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a couch potato who has decided to get off the couch bookmark this page, and come back to it often!

La Nova Active, part of La Nova Group, will be running its first full board, three day fitness weekend in October 2018. Get ready for the ideal combination of fitness classes led by the best fitness presenters and master trainers in the UK and beyond!

Yes, La Nova Active is the new kid on the fitness block, but don’t let that fool you, we know what it takes to provide an unforgettable experience that will excite you, challenge you, put and keep that smile on your face from the minute you arrive on Friday afternoon to when you leave on Sunday afternoon! Our weekend event will be supported by international DJs, entertainers and cabaret artists who will add a unique flavour to your Friday and Saturday evenings!

We’re working hard on our planning and preparation so check back for regular updates or register your interest here and we’ll send you regular updates, including Earlybird booking discounts

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Meet our La Nova Active Team

Karen Joanne Elliott - Creative Director

Karen Joanne brings 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry to La Nova Active. She has qualified in, and taught a wide range of classes. Karen Joanne is a qualified Pilates, Zumba, Fight Klub and indoor cycling instructor, Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach and Structural Bodyworker. Her deep understanding of mobility and functional movement has resulted in Karen Joanne developing her unique class concepts – ‘Mmmove’ and ‘Flow Movement Meditation’. Karen Joanne is known for her professionalism, drive and passion for fitness and her classes are designed to help people lead freer and happier lives.

Karen Joanne has presented both in the UK and abroad, and during 2017 she ran the first of her own weekend retreats and events.

As an Assessor and an Ambassador for Exercise Move Dance UK Karen Joanne is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards within the fitness industry.

There’s so much more to Karen Joanne, and she looks forward to chatting to you at La Nova Active events.